Department of Chinese Literature and Language

Brief Introduction of Department of Chinese Language and Literature

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Culture Communication School at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University was founded in 2003, with discipline of Chinese Language and Literature as the first major in Culture Communication School. Currently, the school has 15 full-time teachers. The current enrollment is about 300 undergraduates (including 3+2 upgrade from junior college students to university students). After more than 10 years of efforts, Department of Chinese Language and Literature forms a high level, highly educated, high title of "three high" faculty team, including 4 full professors, 10 associate professors, of whom 14 are Ph.D. degree holders, and several teachers have visiting experiences in Harvard University and other well-known overseas universities. In recent years, faculty members of Department of Chinese Language and Literature has achieved 5 National Social Science Fund, 3 projects sponsored by the Ministry of education of Humanities and Social Science Project, several provincial and ministerial projects, and published several monographs and papers in core journals, which contributed a lot to the development of Humanities in ZSTU.

Department of Chinese Language and Literature is adhering to the school motto "Be benevolent/beneficial to the world, be honest and innovative", focuses on combining learning, teaching and research together, and gives top priority to teaching responsibilities. This major aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with a high degree of social responsibility, outstanding professional competitive power, a solid foundation of knowledge, wide scope of service and practical ability. And the graduates are equipped with vision, great potential for future development, a broad international perspective, as well as sound mentality and personality. Upon graduation as high quality interdisciplinary talents, they are able to be employed in such positions as dealing with Chinese teaching and research, Chinese language and literature studies, secretarial work, Publicizing, text planning, journalism and editing in middle schools, organs, institutions, enterprises, news media and other related fields.

Discipline of Chinese Language and Literature is one of the oldest subjects, Chinese is the most worthy of exhibiting treasures in China's 5,000-year civilization, and Chinese Language and Literature is the concentrated essence of 5,000-year civilization. Department of Chinese Language and Literature inherits the cultural classics of traditional Chinese civilization, connects the essence of contemporary civilization, based on the tradition while also has a global outlook, to train excellent students who not only have a rich cultural heritage, adapt the needs of modern society, but also have inter-disciplinary talent, knowledge and skills .

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