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An Introduction to the School of Culture Communication, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

The School of Culture Communication was founded in 2003. In the past ten years, SCC accommodates a high quality faculty. Up to now, there are over 40 teachers and researchers, including 6 professors, 14 associate professors and 7 lecturers, 19 of whom have doctoral degrees. By July 2013, we have trained over 500 full-time students at undergraduate levels.

Degrees, Majors and Programs

The school is comprised of three departments: the Department of Chinese Literature and Language2003, the Department of Communications2006and the Department of Chinese International Education2012.

It offers 2 majors: Chinese Literature and Mass Communications. In September 2011, an M.A. program in Arts was added to its graduate curriculum. Since September 2012, SCC has recruited 12 graduate students.

In December 2012, the Department of Chinese International Education was established. It is mainly responsible for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Every year over 400 international students come to study from different countries and areas. To meet the rising demands for Chinese proficiency test service, HSK testing center was established in 2011.

Regular and short-term Chinese language training courses are provided for foreign students with their requirements. The curriculum initiates a dynamic studying idea: combining language and cultural–socio practices together.

Exchange and Cooperation

The SCC pays constant attention to exchanges and cooperations with international partners. Up to now, SCC has developed international cooperation programs with many renowned universities in countries including Australia, Singapore, South Korea and US. A series of exchange and cooperation activities have been carried out, including staff exchanges, students exchanges and other activities.

Through decades of sustained development, SCC has evolved a multi-leveled educational pattern across academic disciplines. With the spirit of development and innovation, SCC determines to explore advanced education concepts and build up first-class culture and communication education which combines Chinese features with international standards. Looking ahead, all the faculty members work in unity and make great efforts to promote the healthy and overall development of the School.

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